Giant rubber duck world tour

By dutch artist
Florentijn Hofman

is spreading joy around the world
The main idea
My sculptures cause commotion, surprise, and make you smile. They give people a break from their daily routine. Passersby stop in front of them, get off their bikes, and start chatting with other onlookers. People are socializing again. That’s the effect my sculptures have in public places
Ducks’ details
Since 2007, the duck has traveled to many cities around the world, and each time it is created anew.
The size of the ducks varies.
The ducks are sewn from over 200 pieces of PVC using sewing machines. Besides air, there is a fan inside the duck to help hold the shape and a waterproof electrical cord. The sculpture is mounted on a platform that is connected to weighted weights on the bottom with cables.
20 m
26 m
32 m
The largest one was in France

Duck’s schedule

Click on a duck to watch city and the year of visit

Duck’s schedule

Click on a duck to know city and the year of visit
In 2023,
after 10 years
the duck returned to Hong Kong…
In 2023,
after 10 years
the duck returned to Hong Kong…
but this time with a friend!

Double duck is Double luck!

The arrival of the giant ducks in Hong Kong helped tourism recover from the pandemic. Thousands of happy citizens and tourists flocked to the waterfront with smiles on their faces.
“The work emphasizes on friendship and getting connected. Due to COVID we learned that spending time together is so valuable. Making moments and memories for real, living in the here and now, are things to cling on to. The digital world and living on our devices make us sometimes so blunted. Art can open your eyes and spark up your soul. ‘DOUBLE DUCKS’ is not about looking into the past but enjoying the moment together!”
Double duck is Double luck!
The author of the installation
Interesting facts from the duck’s life
One of them is false
other artworks by the artist
With this fox the artist suggests a clash between the two realms of the city and nature. It is situated in the area of the city where, in the evening, foxes are commonly seen
Bear from conifer tree branches
An installation of giant half-sunken pianos for a music festival
Hofman painted a road in bright yellow (a symbol of wealth and prosperity) in one of the poorest towns in the Netherlands — Sydham
A yellow hare at the Open Art Biennial in a central square in Sweden

Selfie Panda in Dujiangyan — an important center for the rescue, rehabilitation and protection of the endangered species
Floating fish from foam kick boards made for exhibition in China
A relaxing monkey made from flip-flops in a Brazilian park
The artist painted a quarter of Rotterdam, destined for demolition in bright blue color. This made the neighborhood very popular with tourists
Climbable aardvark for 100th anniversary of a zoo in Holland
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